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Sadly, in mid-May 2020, DC Comics released the final issues of its various DC Giants series at Walmart. As had been done one year prior, many multi-part stories in the Giants ended abruptly, with no explanation. Beginning in June 2020, shrink-wrapped multi-packs of 4 recent DC 32-page comics at higher prices took their place in Walmarts.

Although then-DC-publisher Dan Didio wrote on Facebook (24 Feb 2019) that the DC Giants were "successful and continuing," the entire line was discontinued in May 2020, shortly after Didio's unexpected dismissal and the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. Social media panned the replacement multi-packs for their high price, inability to determine content before purchase, and inclusion of random issues of multi-part stories.

Most of the new stories originally intended for the 2019-2020 DC Giants ended up as DC Digital Firsts editions, priced at $1 on Comixology. For example, the conclusion of Mark Russell and Marco Santucci's Swamp Thing series appeared in the digital-only Swamp Thing: New Roots #6 rather than the unpublished Swamp Thing Giant (2nd series) #6. Given the number of issues of digital-only Superman: Man of Tomorrow, DC had commissioned enough stories for several more issues of Superman Giant (2nd series).

Two digital-only issues of Shazam! Lightning Strikes suggest that a Shazam! Giant was also planned, but cancelled.



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Final Walmart giants released May 2020:

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